Chen Zhen
January 31st – March 15th 1991


C. Zhen, La “Lucidità” dell’agonia / Il distacco n.3, 1993

The exhibition is the first solo show of Chen Zhen, a young Chinese artist living in Paris. Chen Zhen's work stems from Duchamp’s tradition of the object-trouvè. He juxtaposes consumers’ society objects with nature. The object is presented in its actual condition together with its trace, the factory's imprint. The artist connects the man, the object and the nature. Seven works are exhibited on this occasion, all realized between 1990 and 1991: The Last Portrait/Winter Torpidity (1991), The Numerated Quarter/ The Multiple Keyboard (1991), The Water Pendulum/The Red Scale (1991), Departed Objects/Combined Traces (1990), The Lucidity of Agony / Detachment n.3 (1990), The Writing/The Number (1990), The Lightness / The Heaviness (1991).

Catalogue: Chen Zhen, Rome 1991 (text by C. Christov-Bakargiev and a interview by J. Sans)