Langlands & Bell
November 6th – December 18th 1991


Langlands & Bell, Palazzo Antonimi e Palazzo Garzadori, 1991

First exhibition in Italy of Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell.
International Modernist Architecture is the running theme in their work. They design and execute refined maquettes. A process to analyze society, the relationship between architecture and space, the utopist vision within each architectural plan and the ideological organization of space: these are all subjects of their work. Langlands and Bell create their pieces in relation to the city or the country where the exhibition takes place, as well as to the space of the gallery. Ivrea, a composition of 10 elements, shows some of the buildings of the Olivetti’s complex, with its own ideology and codified function.

The show is made possible with the assistance of the British Council, Rome.

Catalogue: Langlands & Bell, Rome 1991. In collaboration with Luis Campana (Frankfurt) and Paley Wright Interim Art (London). Text by A. Dannat.