Anne Marie Jugnet
January 15th – February 20th 1993


A. M. Jugnet, Y ETRE, 1993

The first Italian solo exhibition in Italy of the French artist Anne Marie Jugnet. She works on the appearance and disappearance of images. Silence dominates Jugnet's work where the density of white becomes light. Words, phrases, appear as contemplative images, visible emanation of an inner vision. The exhibition contains three works and nine drawings. A light projection crosses the gallery and becomes legible beyond the glass entrance of the space. A red neon light fills the room and its physical presence is witnessed with table containing 482 words of the artist's personal and ephemeral vocabulary. Only a fragment of them can be exhibited because the totality of words represents a straight line of 250 m. The drawings are made of words accurately and obsessionally copied on a white sheet of paper revealing themselves imperceptibly in a vague space.