James Turrell
May 28 – July 15th 2001


J. Turrell, Tollyn red, 1967

It is the first italian solo exhibition dedicated to the american artist James Turrell, well known for his 'sculptures of light', which take the form of particulary suggestive settings. The spaces realized by the artist are constructed trough the sensual amalgamation of light and color, in which the distinctions between empty and full spaces, material and immaterial, are blurred and the spectator gradually loses his own bearings. The light dissolves the borders and produces the fusion between air and matter, dream and reality, shadow and substance. In 'Tollin Red', a projection will realize a luminous sculpture in the corner of dark room, producing the optical effect characteristic of the artist's work. A second room will contain another work, Mongo the Planet in which the light reflected within a room by a television screen will produce the illusion of a luminous monochrome painting on the wall. The exhibition is also provide an apportunity to admire for the fisrt time in Italy the images of the great project in the process of being realized in the Roden Crater, the crater of an extinct volcano in Arizona, where the artist, since 1977, is realizing the largest light installation in the world.