Donatella Landi
89 petites pieces
April 23rd 2001 – May 30th 2002


D. Landi, 89 Petites Pièces, 2002

In occasion of her third solo exhibition at the Valentina Moncada Gallery, Donatella Landi offers a complex simultaneous view on the humankind through a video camera used as a real magnifying lens. The videos analyze details of mouths, eyes, hair, hands becoming almost pieces of complex humanity, unique but various, different but identical at the same time. The video was entirely set on a metro in Paris, neutral witness of the human stream animating it. The installation is composed by a simultaneous projection on little liquid crystal screens set on the ground where each screen becomes a body detail of a person filmed by the camera. A long series of photos installed on the wall creates a unique but divided image, composed by the same details of the characters showed on video. All the details are mixed in the same wall strip giving back the idea of a shifting faint humanity.