Carlo Gavazzeni Ricordi
Theaters of Invention
October 3rd – November 30th, 2007


C. Gavazzeni Ricordi, Teatri d’Invenzione 07 (Gates of Rome VI), 2007

It is the first personal roman exhibition of the Italian photographer Carlo Gavazzeni, entitled “Teatri d’invenzione” (Theaters of invention). The exhibition shows ten digital photographs printed on Kodak paper mounted on light pvc, that include a complete work inspired in the theatrical space of the imagination. These photographs reveal a subjective and unreal scenographic virtuosity that mark, in comparison to the first works of the photographer - portraits of an Urbis Romae Form (Roman Urban Forms) esthetics delineated by the proper objective vision of the illuminated traveler - an interiorization of the vision of certain city sceneries, spontaneously inspired by the piranesian "whims of invention".

Carlo Gavazzeni was introduced by the Valentina Moncada Gallery in a collective exhibition "Site Specific", in June 2006, dedicated to landscape in contemporary photography, together with Nan Goldin, Elger Esser and Symrin Gill. Gavazzeni proposed for that occasion a work strongly influenced by the vedutism of the "Grand Tour", withdrawing "vanvitellian" subjects as the view of Castel Sant'Angelo, the Tevere of Ponte Sisto or Villa Medici.

It was not only this collective exhibition that brought Carlo Gavazzeni to Rome; in 2003 the artist was hired by Pirelli Cultura to capture the essence of the Villa Torlonia Theater, a neoclassical structure decorated with sculptures by the students of Berthel Thorvaldsen. In a first moment the pictures taken by Gavazzeni in the theater represent an attempt to examine the neglected classicism, the work presented in the gallery can be conceived as a "Teatrum mortis", where the ruins appear as a shadow, subordinated into the dominion of time. Gavazzeni goes beyond the vision that emanates from the tops of the ruins, creating scenographic contests from a dense narrative content. He overlaps, with the use of double snaps, the pang of time to the neoclassic sculptures. We can feel the human presence/absence through out graffiti, expression of clandestine meetings in this dark and sublime place. The artists' ardent imagination creates dreamlike visions using vibrating contrasts of lights and shadows and the search of brown and dark tones, confers to his photos a fantastic and unreal atmosphere.