The art of fashion
May 22nd – June 28th 2000


J. Sieff, Rome, Italie, Harper’s Bazaar, 1962

The exhibition gathers more then 30 images realized by Sieff between 1960 and 1995 for the most important Italian stylists: Irene Galitzine, Valentino, Courrege, Capucci and many other worldwide couturier. In this occasion a special show of princess Irene Galitzine vintage dresses creates an elegant dialogue between image and reality. The atmosphere of the “Dolce Vita”, that Sieff experienced intensely in those days, lives again in the gallery: in his shots the models cross Venezia square on board of a Vespa Special and they ride toward Saint Peter square in a chariot. Rome acquires the same charm of the Fellini’s movies and the romanticism of the Scuola Romana’s paintings throughout archeological landscapes and desert squares. In his photos art and fashion are in put in relation with extraordinary balance. The same images used to describe the social life and roman fashion on the magazines Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Esquire, Look, Vogue and Twen.
Over the images exhibited, the famous nudes of Sieff, awesome dreaming subjects and less known landscapes where the use of the quadrangle produces a dramatic effect, confirming the ability of Sieff using the black and white. Three important dresses for the history of fashion and of Italian cinema are presented during the opening, with special appearance by Irene Galitzine: two “pigiama palazzo” that the stylist realized in the 1960s for Jacqueline Kennedy and for Claudia Cardinale and a turquoise-blue tailleur designed for Audrey Hepburn.

In association with Irene Galitzine.
Coordinated with Denise Sarrault and Jeanpaul Najar