The Associazione Culturale Valentina Moncada has a long-term commitment to fund raising, for education and culture. Since 2005 to the McKim Award at the American Academy in Rome, with the purpose to support scholarships for young talents, both Italian and American scholars and artists, in order to enrich its research activity and to contribute to the intellectual and artistic exchange between the two countries. Furthermore the reconstruction of the Rato Dratsang Buddhist Monastery in India with the project called ‘Photos for Rato’ and the building of a highschool in Africa, promoted by the Italian Association of Sovereign Order of Malta, thanks to the event called “A Hundred Shots for a Hundred Smiles”.

McKim Award

Photos for Rato

A Hundred Shots for a Hundred Smiles

Christmas for the Pope

150th Anniversary of Japan and Italy


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Rassegna stampa

The Mckim Medal goes to Muti
Luigi Ontani a Villa Aurelia
Rome Wears Prada