Anne et Patrick Poirier
Hypomnemata Memoranda
October 3rd – November 15th 1990


Anne et Patrick Poirier, Memoria Mundi, 1990

It is the inaugural exhibition at Valentina Moncada Gallery, located in Via Margutta 54, Rome. The exhibition pays tribute to Rome and to the great strength of the classical. Anne et Patrick Poirier's show deals with the issue of memory, not only our personal one, but the memory of past cultures, the anima mundi, the soul of the world. The large sculpture is a gold leaf tondo (Memoria Mundi, 1990), both a dome and a tabernacle, the metaphoric essence of the anima mundi. The composite wall pieces (Anima Mundi, Memory of Memory, Amnesie and Mnemosyne, 1990) juxtapose blurred photograph of antiquities with crisp photographs of rose petals, thus tracing the path of memory to a present instant, connecting culture with nature.

Catalogue: Memoria Mundi, Valentina Moncada Gallery, Rome 1990.