Micheal Young
Sedimentary Paintings
November 9th – December 31st 1993


M. Young, Sedimentary painting, 1993

It is the second solo exhibition of Michael Young at the Valentina Moncada gallery. He uses earth colors powders and sand of poured directly on canvas or on papers, creating colorful combinations of white and dark spots floating as a musical composition does.
Descending from the American abstract art, his work combines static elementary shapes with rigid pragmatism, tipping over his principle of order in using sand as analogy of the instable cycle of nature. The exhibition displays eleven paintings, five from the “Oculus Drawing” series (1992), four from the “Sedimentary Paintings” (1992) and two from the “Untitled” (1990-93).

In collaboration with Turske – Hue – Williams (London)
Patronage of the American Academy in Rome
Catalogue: Michael Young, Descending Jacob’s Ladder, in collaboration with Blum Helman Gallery (New York), Roma 1994.