Donatella Landi
Waiting Rooms
December 11th 1995 - March 15th 1996


Donatella Landi, exhibition view, 1995-96

It is the second solo exhibition of Donatella Landi at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. After the installation “Zoo” presented at the Pecci Museum of Prato where different elements (video, sound, photograph) wrapped up the public who could feel in the condition of being watched, in this occasion Landi returns to show a new project “Waiting Rooms” where the gaze of the men and of the women impressed in the photographs inside the works on the wall and on the floor becomes the artist’s gaze, so our gaze too. Throughout them we embark on world where the metamorphosis of what is seeing and of what is visible. Here the work of art is once again in front of us and not around us like happened in “Zoo”. The bars through which we are obliged to look at the faces -like the iron frames/boxes where she puts the drawings- represent the visible, that is the concrete, of our estrangement.

Catalogue: Donatella Landi, Waiting Rooms, Roma 1996 (texts by R. Caruso and C. Casorati).