Alex Landrum
Tabloid Series
October 20th – December 4th 1995


A. Landrum, From the Tabloid Series, 1994

After his debut in a group exhibition at the “Saatchi Collection” in 1992, which launched him on international art scene, and after some other important exhibitions like the Lisson Gallery, Alex Landrum is presented by Valentina Moncada Gallery on his first solo exhibition. In the Tabloid Series Alex Landrum uses the sensational language of the news press. These fragments of sentences appear as low relief on monochrome canvas with smooth, elegant and impersonal surfaces.
He could be considered inside the Minimal Art tradition where the hermetic taste becomes a sensorial poem. The colors are selected at random and they are not coincident with the atmosphere expressed in the text, the sharp and violent words fight with the cold detached look.