March 16th – May 4th 1995

Curated by Ludovico Pratesi

E. Marisaldi, Altroieri, 1994

Mario Airò, Daniela De Lorenzo, Laura Ruggeri, Eva Marisaldi, Sabrina Sabato, Tommaso Tozzi, Maurizio Vetrugno, Luca Vitone.

The group exhibition An Italian Vision focuses the attention on the young Italian art scene. The main characteristic of the work of all the artists exhibited is the need to restore a connection with the reality, throughout images designed each time with different means and techniques.
Mario Airò (Isole Eolie, 1995) creates poetic images with poor and essential elements, Daniela De Lorenzo (Lapsus, 1995) translates the memory through symbolic references, Laura Ruggeri (Io Rifletto, 1993) analyzes the problem of interpersonal and intertextual relationships. Eva Marisaldi (Altroieri, 1994) analyzes the apparent banality of the everyday life, Sabrina Sabato (Periodo cleptomane, 1994) is interested in the ambiguous sensorial perceptions, Tommaso Tozzi (Metanetwork 2, 1994) works with space, Maurizio Vetrugno (Untitled, 1994) combines verbal and visual communication and Luca Vitone (Bilancia, 1994) is interested in the symbolic relations between places and memories.

Catalogue: An Italian vision, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, Galleria Valentina Moncada, Roma 1995.