Ian Davenport
New Paintings
November 5th – December 19th 1997


I. Davenport, Poured painting: black, blue, black, 1997.

It is the first Italian solo exhibition of the artist Ian Davenport. He shows one large painting, three medium sized works and a selection of small paintings (Poured paintings, 1997). In the works exhibited Davenport's exploration of pure colors and their various warm or cool combination is clear: orange, black, orange; white, black, white; blue, red, blue (to name just a few). During the making of the work, Davenport pours household paint onto medium density fiberboard that lies on the floor. The second and third layers are poured directly from the can, the painting being stood up each time to allow gravity to pull the mass of paint down the board (several gallons of paint are used in the making of each work). Minute variations on the arched line and surface make each painting unique (the surface of the new large orange painting has a soft, milky effect whereas the black painting on show is shiny and almost mirror-like).

In association with The British School at Rome.