Roberto Caracciolo & Ian Davenport
October 7th – October 30th 1998


R. Caracciolo, Più o meno, 1996-98

The exhibition presents two artists in comparison. Roberto Caracciolo chooses an abstract grammar both on vertical and horizontal planes. In the very last years he was interested in the slow time, as he could find it and use it, in order to build the paintings throughout countless little signs and marks of gestures repeated to infinity. He paints continuously over few canvases in order to observe how his obsessive work changes his own artistic route. Recently his flat signs over the surface of the canvas became three-dimensional as colorful little sculptures in ceramic: these fragments suggest bigger structures as part of his way of creating art.
Ian Davenport, for the second time at the gallery, works on the ground spilling paints directly from cans onto the smooth board until covering the surface and then raising it plumb-line in order to make it slip down creating a color casting. Repeating this process, a line of color appears through the overlapped veils. Color, density, shape and surface are variables of each work.