Garry Fabian Miller
Sections of England: the sea horizon
May 14th – July 15th 1998


G. Fabian Miller, Section of England: The sea horizon,
1976/ 1977

First solo exhibition in Italy of the photographer Garry Fabian Miller. “Sections of England: The Sea Horizon” is the artist’s first body of works, derived from his intimate relationship with the place of his vision, a model that will be often repeated during his career.
All the photographs of this series were shot between 1976 and 1977 from a fixed point, the roof of his own house beyond the Severn River on the sea. The constant features are listed on the basis of place, skyline, lens, film and exposition. The only changing thing is the moment and the artist’s relation with the place. The horizon expresses the outline of his known world. Miller’s works might be compared in many aspects with the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto series “Day Seascapes” and “Night Seascapes”. What makes the two artists comparable is the subject: the multiform expanse of sea and the sky over it. If Sugimoto shoots in black and white seas only seemingly similar each other but located in different countries and continents, Miller instead takes pictures of the sea from always-identical point of view, in different conditions of weather and light, from the roof of his house in the Severn River’s estuary.