Essence and Ephemeral
April 25th – July 15th 1999


A. Goldsworthy 26th March 1989

Thomas Joshua Cooper, Andy Goldsworthy, Zebedee Jones, Brad Lochore

The exhibition presents a selection of two works per each artist. The two photos of Thomas Joshua Cooper in black and white show natural subjects, waterfall with water vapor and glaciers, shot in Scotland and Island. Andy Goldsworthy photographs belong to the series “Touching North”, an expedition to Grise Fiord in the North Pole where the artist first created ice sculptures and then photographed them making the ephemeral everlasting. Zebedee Jones works on monochromes dense of material where the color shapes different densities, expressing a sense of far and oceanic ephemeral. Lochore eternalizes the shadows of non-existent objects transforming the unreal in concrete tracks.

In association with the British Council, Rome.