Marco Samorè
November 15th 2000 – Jenuary 15th 2001

Curated by L. Pratesi

M. Samorè, La mia ultima scusa, 2000

This solo exhibition of Marco Samorè presents a selection of 6 still life photographs representing everyday life details along with furniture–sculptures considered by the artist part of a domestic environment. “Standard” is a trip inside the private dimension of living, it is a perfect and functional domestic space where the objects present a rigorous and minimal shape, with fabrics and materials typical of the 1970s ‘home-for-all’ trend. Thanks to the camera, Marco Samorè guides us into an image tour, unveiling the mysterious relations between persons and the home living spaces, drawing, thanks to a simple weave of tables and chairs, a map of signs which are evocative of the Tarantino’s movie scenes, of the Italian small-town interiors, of crime novel plot and of many other mental maps. These are often used today as advertising images proposing a “standard” style, a sterile and anonymous style like that of the apartments published in the most famous interior design magazines.

Catalogue: Marco Samorè, Standard, Nuova Anterem, Rome 2001 (texts by Ludovico Pratesi)