Petra Feriancová
Greetings from Lilliputtania
November 7th 2001 – January 15th 2002


P. Feriancova, Nutrip 98, 2000.

It is the first solo exhibition of the Slovakian artist Petra Feriancova. The show includes 13 works. Photographs shot in a one-year period traveling through Italy. Feriancova uses the space of the gallery like a room in historic museum. The works are hung high and are inclined toward the spectator. She works on 'landscapes' a 'Grand Tour' of Italy recalling the romantic aspect of artificial – cultural outlook of foreign artists gazing at classicism. We can see Gainsborough's skies, Poussin's gardens, Friedrich's sublime and Böcklin's mystery. The figure in the landscape creates a narrative element, at times appearing like a character from fables. The unpolished style creates an ambiguous location.

Patronage: Slovak Institute in Rome.