Donato Amstutz
October 24th – November 14th 2002


D. Amstutz,Face, 2002

It is the first solo exhibition in Rome of the Swiss artist Donato Amstutz presented for the first time at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. He shows a selection of seven works: two little medicine boxes (Tavor and Valium), a big medicine box (Ciba-Vision) and four huge works from the series “Faces” where the artist works on black and white shots of women faces. His distinctive characteristic is the hand embroidery, a very traditional cross-stitching, used as “translation” of objects and images directly picked up from the everyday life. His works, all reproduced with accurate embroidery, expresses a quite aggressiveness towards the icons and cultural conventions. Packages and images extracted from different sources are all transformed in enlarged copies, as hunting trophies. In these embroideries it is enlightened the contrast between a slow and meticulous execution and our accidentally speed in recognizing the subjects. Amstutz continues a restless impossible fight against the technique, creating perfect useless copies of industrial products.