October 6th - November 19th 2003

Curated by N. Kummer

WoWe, Andy Warhol + Jean Michel Basquiat,
“Madame Noses”
, NYC, 1989

Photographs by Ron Galella, Annie Leibowitz, Gerry Malanga, Jean Pigozzi, Roxanne Lowit, Jimmy De Sana, Wolfgang Wesener.

An intimate and striking view on New York 1980s art and financial world, on its creativity and madness, on fashion and frivolousness and on the main characters who made the Big Apple the most “cult” city of the world. The exhibition points to one of the most exciting periods of its recent history when the hedonism phenomenon was part of the so-called Beautiful People’s life. This exhibition wants to convert these characters into work of art. Photographers like Ron Galella, Gerry Malanga, Jean Pigozzi, Roxanne Lowitt or WoWe always refused to be defined “Paparazzi” and they managed to go beyond the simple twinkle of the surface thanks to their camera.
It is possible to find a telltale sign on the faces of men and women who made the Golden Years unforgettable with their genius and their spirit. The exhibition is a document of that age and of the people without boundary and it is a reference model for the history of modern realism in photography.

Realized in collaboration with Niels Kummer (ART+CONCEPT)