May 22nd – July 4th 2003


F. Scianna, Roccamena, 1963

Presented in occasion of “FotoGrafia – International Festival of Photography in Rome”, the exhibition presents a public projection at the Trajan Markets in Rome and a selection of photos by the Sicilian artist Ferdinando Scianna at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. Some of the shots come from his last project “Quelli di Bagheria” while others are from his well known first work on “Religious Festivities in Sicily” published in 1965, showing colorful extraordinary scenes from the religious festivities so deeply razed in the Sicilian tradition. In these shots are shown horses descending mountains, saints sculptures brought over the shoulder during the parades while young boys are singing, the Holy Virgin dressed up with precious clothes and jewels, ex-votos on the wall of the churches, fireworks.
In these project “Quelli di Bagheria” which includes a book, a movie and a series of photos, Scianna intents to concentrate his attention on historical moments of his own region Sicily and his little birthplace Bagheria and on his memory, trying to reconstruct and to imagine his hate-loved land and his childhood. He describes his memory thanks to his writings displayed along with the black and white images.