Ileana Florescu
Comet Water
May 19th – June 30th 2004


I. Florescu, Acqua di Cometa, 2004

Comet Water is the second solo exhibition on women artists at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. In occasion of “FotoGrafia – The International Festival of Photography in Rome”, after the Elisabetta Catalano exhibition “Cinema People” in 2004 on portraits of famous characters of the Cinema world, Ileana Florescu presents a series of twelve photographs printed on aluminum. The theme of the exhibition is often recurring in the Florescu entire work: it is a metaphysical interpretation of landscape without any link with space and time. The starting point is the natural environment: earth, water, and air. The spaces become no-spaces, reflection of an illusory reality. The Florescu’s landscapes are evanescent, they exist only as revealed by the light and fixed by the camera. In the Acqua di Cometa series of twelve shots, straight lines or wavy vibrant lines in their infringing light compose paintings of mysterious weaves, as mysterious is also the figure emerging in one of the shots exhibited, a silent comet as witness of cosmogony rituals. The title of exhibition draws inspiration from a scientific theory, which states that great part of the water into the earth derives from evaporation of comet’s iced crystals. The photos are in different sizes mounted on aluminum; any other digital intervention on the 35mm negative is excluded.