October 9th – December 15th 2008


H. C. Schink, Vietnam, Bach Ma 2B, 2005

Mark Dion - Petra Feriancova - Ileana Florescu - Carlo Gavazzeni - Shirazeh Houshiary - Donatella Landi -Thomas Ruff - Hans Christian Schink

The group exhibition Tropism gathers a selection of works inspired by the relation of each artist with nature and how nature influences human awareness. In plant physiology tropism is a reaction of orientation of the plant organs to environment request while in literature Nathalie Sarraute, exponent of the new french novel, seductively defined it “an elementary psychological reaction not definable”, determined by an unconscious dark power inside human beings, often coming from natural influences. The selected works are in communication each other on this theme and they spontaneously establish accidental affinity. In order to make an almost scientific analysis of the relations between nature and society or between nature and men the exhibition proposes a comparison between the works of Mark Dion (U.S.A.) and Donatella Landi (Italy). The works of the artists Petra Feriancova (Slovakia), Ileana Florescu (Romania/Italy) and Shirazeh Houshiary (Iran) get in the natural data the reflection of poetic abstract worlds while the photographers Carlo Gavazzeni (Italy), Hans Christian Schink and Thomas Ruff (Germany) observe and interiorized landscape with educated eyes and dreamlike sensibility.