December 9th 2009 – Jenuary 12th 2010

Curated by Giuliana Stella

P. Feriancova, Untitled, ,
2009 vista attraverso l’istallazione su vetro di D. Kenderova,
C’è una realtà oggettiva?, 2009


The group exhibition EXIT GHOST presents the works of three Slovakian artists Petra Feriancova, Dorota Kenderova and Jaroslav Varga. They meditates on the idealization of both subjective and general perceptions, bringing into question our ordinary habits in considering who and what a work of art could represent and searching for a different model of interpretation.
The title “Exit Ghost” derives from the Petra Feriancova’s work that is inspired by a phrase used by Shakespeare to point out the exit of a ghost from the scene: it represents a perfect immortal hero who is about to go away, following the most classical tradition of our west culture.
The exhibition opens with a work of Dorota Kenderova (Is There Any Objective Reality?) realized specifically for the external glass wall of the gallery. Leaving the space totally empty, Kerendova spills over the glass a chemical liquid (glycerol) that creates an effect of water condensation. The view through the glass becomes this way distort and not clear, making us meditate on the theme of the real existence of objective true, on the contradictions of different cultural contexts and on our subjectivity. In the central room the work of Feriancova (Play) is displayed over the walls, leading from the famous story of Hamlet. The installation is composed by the projection of a dialogue cut from the Shakespeare’s work where the spectator is invited to take part to the conversation. In the second part the installation is composed by a set of papers fixed on the walls: here the artist makes a consideration on the time frames, trying to compress the time of the story into the gallery space, without changing the subject of Shakespeare tragedy but only the structure.
In conclusion the projection of the Jaroslav Varga’s video (Biblioteca 2009) presents a virtual library, organized methodically on the basis of titles containing the word “end”. The spectator can’t explore the subject of each book, he can only stop over the surface of the things, even if they are able to leave the idea of bibliotheque as universe.