Donatella Landi
Focus Naturae
March 11th – April 30th 2009


D. Landi, Breathe Normally, 2008

It is the fourth solo exhibition of Donatella Landi at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. It presents the audio-photo installation Breathe Normally, the series of photos Focus Naturae and the sound work entitled 17 minutes and 45 seconds walking toward the river.
The works exhibited highlight Landi’s special attention on the relation with natural world – a recurrent theme in her research – throughout the study of details. Wind, leafs swish, birds, steps in the forest: these are all the sounds composing Breathe Normally (acoustic photo on canvas). Here the enchanted vision of nature, in its full expression, is perturbed by a sound that is a sum of many isolated parts of environment sounds, recorded thanks to a microphone, lighting up just a section of space and separating it from the general environment.
It is possible to divide and then recompose the environment in a different order, changing our position respect to the image and to its acoustic elements penetrating the space and showing to us as one total sound.
In the series of digital photos on paper Focus Naturae a series of spots (this time visual spots) floating in the space, showing different kind of contacts to the natural world as always have been part of men research and men relation with the environment. This way drawing, painting, photos and scientific illustration mix together, creating a complex visual circuit and create new system to know the reality.
In conclusion, in the listening space dedicated to 17 minutes and 45 seconds walking toward the river, the artist uses a special record system that can reproduce “physically” the environment, as human ears perceived it. Here, like in many other works, Donatella Landi uses her body as instrument of mobile recording, as a “sound pencil” drawing a track.

Patronage: Anima Association – Company’s social values