Francesco Mernini
Floating Architecture
November 5th – December 17th 2010

Curated by Gianluca Marziani

F. Mernini, Multilevel Time, 2010

Floating Architecture presents a selection of 14 oil paintings and an installation in travertine marble as two parts of a project inspired by Rationalist architecture. Two are the iconographic sources of the artist research: some buildings, facades and colonnades of the Rome’s district called EUR and some other elements taken from Sabaudia’s architectures. The exhibition reflects on the historical utopia of Fascism and it calls attention to the central role of esoterism in Rationalist thought. On one side the Fascist ideas were translated into the cold monumental architectures, as a comparison with the archaic power of control and order, on the other side the artist conducts an interesting research on the pure and almost primitive shape where men could find themselves again. The architecture is a figurative excuse, which can move conjunctions between philosophy, religion, anthropology and physics. Mathematical strictness and philosophical vision co penetrate in an itinerary without ideologist, able to act over “historical repression” in a more complex meaning. Clearness and out of focus are the two aspects of Mernini paintings: he tries to paint the image as it were digital and he overturns the historical completeness of realist figurative art.