Leombruno Bodi
Theo in Rome
Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2011
September 15th –23rd 2011


Theo in Rome – Leombruno Bodi, exhibition view, 2011

After the exhibition “Theo by Richard Avedon” in 2009, the beautiful model Theo Graham is back to be protagonist of another series of shots, this time set in Rome and signed by Leonbruno Bodi. In occasion of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2011, Valentina Moncada Gallery pays tribute to the fashion photographers Joseph Leombruno (dead the 4th of June 2011) and Jack Bodi, who have been working together for more then 40 years in a professional and artistic brotherhood. Leonbruno and Bodi are the first American photographers who have shot french high fashion after the Second World War. A selection of three elegant photos from Saraceni’s private Archive (Rome) shows the model Theo wearing some Made in Italy creations, as queen of the magic Rome’s Dolce Vita. The set of exhibition remembers the disposition of still wet photos inside the dark room of a photographic studio: in the white cube of the gallery the three huge printed shots are attached on a steel cable, pointing to the disproportion of the enlarged photos. Almost like entering into a magic e lantern the photos are visible all night through the big glass window.