Sergey Yasrtzhembskiy
October 4th– 18th 2011


S. Yastrzhembskiy, Russia, Siberia, 2009

In occasion of the year of Russian Language and Culture in Italy and in conjunction with an important solo exhibition at the Foyers of the Rome Auditorium for the Music, a preview selection of ten photographs by the russian artist Sergey Yastrzhembskiy is presented at the Valentina Moncada Gallery. The shots, all coming from the Moscow House of Photography and from the Multimedia Art Museum, are his very last works from the series entitled “Air-impressionism”, a particular experience of “air trip” described through some extraordinary “visions from on high”, all realized with the technique of air-shooting, hundreds of meters from the ground.
They are revelation of multiform beauty, combination of abstract lines, shapes and colors, between real and artificial. From the landscapes in Africa to those in Siberia, the photographer points out the pictorial aspect of these natural games, unveiling all the harmony and the beauty of a new and unexplored world and letting half-view the men intervention.