Tony Cragg
November 30th – January 15th 1991


T. Cragg, Aeroplane, 1979

First solo exhibition in Rome of the artist Tony Cragg, after the great success obtained at the Venice Biennale in 1988.
The use of materials characterizes Cragg's sculptures. His eclectic choice varies from waste and synthetic materials, to poor and organic materials. The work of art becomes the meeting point between the artificial and the natural world. The object disintegrates and transforms itself into a new vision. In Airplane (1981), the numerous plastic objects scattered on the ground, in apparent disorder, will give the meaning to the work. Their disposition and final overall shape will become the subject of the sculpture. Tony Cragg plays with tension created between continuity and discontinuity, where the signified (meaning) and the signifier (form) slip among themselves.
Other three sculptures exhibited: Untitled-Houses, 1990, Untitled- Stamps, 1990, Untitled-Glass, 1990.

Catalogue: Tony Cragg, Valentina Moncada Gallery, Rome 1991 (interview by Ludovico Pratesi).