Jos Kruit
October 27th – December 20th 1994

Curated by Jonathan Turner

J. Kruit, Untitled, 1994

Within the “Dutch October” Festival, which consists of 12 exhibitions of contemporary Dutch artists from The Netherlands in 11 Roman galleries, Valentina Moncada Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in Italy of the Dutch sculptress Jos Kruit. Her work is characterized by dignity and spirituality combined together with an almost obsessive perfectionism. Kruit creates monumental and aggressive sculptures with many materials. Drainage pipes, animal leather and resins shape circuits and architectures, remembering the movement of atoms and of molecular structures. In her work there is an evident tension between antipodes, a conflict between organic and synthetic, hard and soft, masculine and feminine. In the sculpture Untitled a Romanesque dome is mould through paws and hoofs of horses – it is foam rubber covered by animal leather –three times bigger then the real dimension. The final effect of this balance between excessive elegance, parody and naturalness is almost religious. In another sculpture a close circuit, angular but spiral-shape, supports a hearth-shape structure made by paws of horses and transparent pipes. They remember hematic flows or infinite roller-coaster rails.

In collaboration with The Netherlands Embassy in Rome and the Dutch Ministry of External Affairs at The Hague.