Francesca Leone
Static Flows
March 10th - April 21st 2010


F. Leone, Flussi Immobili 6, 2010

The solo exhibition of the Italian artist Francesca Leone, daughter of the famous film director Sergio Leone, celebrates the artistic maturity of one among the most interesting painters in contemporary Italian art, presenting eight paintings of her last artistic research. It is an unseen selection of works, starting from the painting Respiro/Breath realized in occasion of the exhibition at Venezia Palace and considered a link between the precedent portraits and a new turning point. The face represented is ploughed by a subtle rain, like emerging from the darkness, and his liberating breath becomes a surviving act.
Leone’s new research moves from a biographical element and the title Static Flows has a double value: the representation of water flows creating a passage and a movement but also the explosion of personality, shot in a moment that becomes eternal. All the faces she paints like emerging from the rain, and at the same time suffocated by it, seem to be on the way of a purifying process. The appearance is deleted in order to make emerging a subconscious introspective meaning, often hide under social moderating schemes.
This way the artist deletes the excess, pointing to the essential in every expression, giving to these portraits of human fragility and a powerful solemnity displayed as constant increasing emotions.